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Launch of the Singapore Blue Plan 2018, 13 Oct 2018

The Singapore Blue Plan 2018 was launched on 13 Oct 2018 by the Guest of Honour, Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for National Development. Members of the community, agencies and stakeholders were invited. More than 100 people from about 30 groups attended.

After a warm Welcome Address by Prof. Peter Ng, Minister Desmond Lee shared his thoughts on the Blue Plan. Among his key points, he said "our agencies will carefully study the recommendations in detail, discuss and engage the editors and community, and see how we can take this forward together. We have come a long way in our nature conservation journey, and it is only with the same spirit of openness and collaboration that can we continue to make progress to protect our biodiversity"

Prof. Chou Loke Ming then gave the historical account of the first and second Blue Plan in 2001 and 2009 respectively, while Mr Francis Lee provided personal insights into marine conservation in Singapore.

Dr. Zeehan Jaafar then summarised the steps taken to prepare the Singapore Blue Plan 2018. She shared how information were solicited from academics, environmental lawyers, and stakeholders; and from these, how recommendations were parsed. In addition to going over the six recommendations of the Blue Plan 2018, she emphasised the importance of collaboration between multiple stakeholders to implement these recommendations.

Prof. Leo Tan concluded the ceremony with an inspiring speech by calling on Singaporeans to protect the remaining natural areas and biodiversity.

The Blue Plan was launched online at 10.30am for free download and support.

The Launch was well covered in the mainstream media

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Photos of the launch here.

First Symposium on the Singapore Blue Plan 2018, 4 Nov 2017

The first Symposium on the Singapore Blue Plan 2018 was held on 4 Nov 2017 by the Blue Plan 2018 Editorial Team and Working Committee for International Year of the Reef (IYOR) 2018 Singapore. Members of the community, stakeholders, and those interested to contribute to the Blue Plan 2018 were invited. More than 80 people from about 35 groups attended.

Key issues discussed included the aims of The Blue Plan 2018, and on how best conserve the remaining coastal and marine areas in Singapore.

The Symposium began with addresses by seasoned conservationists Prof Peter Ng, Prof Chou Loke Ming and Mr Francis Lee. They shared the inspiring history of marine advocacy with details on work and submissions that had been made in decades past.

The lead editor of The Blue Plan 2018, Dr. Zeehan Jaafar, then introduced the team of editors, and proposed a work flow for submission and feedback of documents from contributors.

There was also an introduction to outreach plans for IYOR 2018 by Dr. Neo Mei Lin, and to offer IYOR internships by Ms Ria Tan.